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Handy Attributes For A Commercial Recycling Container

When you open a small business, one of the things to think about is what you'll do with recyclable products. For many organizations, a common solution is to buy one or more commercial recycling containers that you can arrange to have a waste management company collect on a regular schedule. One thing that you'll notice when you begin to shop for these containers is that they can vary a lot. Some are enormous, designed for large organizations to use, while others are smaller and suitable for small businesses. If you favor something from the latter category, look for a container that features these useful attributes.

Foot Pedal

When you and your employees take an armful of paper, cardboard, or other recyclable materials to your recycling container, there's a good chance that your arms will be full. It's handy to choose a container that is equipped with a foot pedal. This means that you can step on the pedal, which is positioned at the bottom front side of the container, and open the hinged lid — all without having to set what you're carrying down. This feature allows you to load the container quickly and easily.

Large Wheels

Most small commercial recycling containers have two or four wheels, which is a crucial feature for allowing you to move the container around — particularly when it's full and heavy. When you look at different containers, however, you'll often see that the size of the wheels can vary. Some containers have small caster wheels, while others have large wheels that are several inches in diameter. Generally, larger wheels will be a better choice because they allow you to move the container more easily. For example, if you have to pull it over a curb or other change in elevation, doing so is easier with larger wheels.

Locking Lid

Some commercial recycling containers have locking lids, and this can be a useful feature to consider. While you might not keep the lid locked during the day, it can be a good idea to lock the lid overnight if you store the container outdoors. This can prevent people from trying to open the container to assess and possibly remove its contents — something that can result in a mess on your property, and perhaps even an injury and some liability issues. It's easy to lock the lid at the end of the day and unlock it in the morning so that you and your employees can easily use the container. 

If you need a commercial recycling container, reach out to a local recycling company.