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Three Ways To Use Gaylord Boxes

In the shipping industry, many types and quantities of goods are transported on pallets. While the pallets stay mostly the same in design, the way goods are packaged on top of the pallets changes considerably. Some shipments are simply wrapped in heavy-duty plastic. Other items are packed into plywood crates or simply strapped to the pallet using durable plastic bands or ratchet straps. With so many options out there, corrugated cardboard is all too often overlooked. But just like cardboard boxes help families move their homes across the country and the world, Gaylord boxes help shippers transport a wide variety of goods nationally and internationally. Here are three ways to use these heavy-duty cardboard boxes.

Package Palleted Goods

Since pallet sizes are standardized in the shipping industry, creating a cardboard box the size of a standard pallet makes perfect sense. It could seem like the simplest way to ship many items, but before Gaylord boxes were developed, making a pallet-size cardboard box was a challenge. First, loading goods into such a large box from the top is a difficult task. Second, most cardboard would collapse under the weight of a pallet of goods. To solve these problems, Gaylord boxes are made with double- or triple-wall corrugated cardboard and come in several pieces. They usually have a base piece that goes on the pallet first, followed by at least two vertical pieces and a topper. Shippers simply load goods into the base, wrap with the vertical pieces, and seal up the top of the box.

Combine Small Shipments

Sometimes, the items shipped by a retailer are too small to ship well on a pallet. Even if a retailer has many items to ship, they need a solution that protects their goods and keeps them contained. Although some retailers make due by carefully stacking items, wrapping them in plastic, and securing them with bands or straps, this solution is tedious and risky. If the plastic tears at any point during shipping, valuable goods could be lost. Using a Gaylord box is far less risky. Since Gaylord boxes are made from rigid, thick-walled cardboard, items can be packaged quickly rather than extraordinarily carefully. Using a Gaylord box also reduces the need for other packaging materials such as plastic wrap or straps.

Conceal Sensitive Items

Some goods are highly sensitive to light or moisture. These goods need as much protection as possible from the elements. Although plastic is completely waterproof, the way pallet wrappers apply the plastic wrap to palleted goods doesn't prevent water or light from reaching the goods. In a Gaylord box, so long as the pallet isn't subject to heavy rain or flood conditions, everything will be protected from both sunlight and moisture. Some shippers still apply plastic wrap over Gaylord boxes as an extra waterproofing method, too.

To learn more about Gaylord boxes, contact a shipping materials retailer in your area.