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8 Awesome Ways To Use Vinyl Tarps At A Children's Party

Vinyl is a modern plastic that is used for all kinds of purposes in everyday life. The Vinyl Institute reports that vinyl is made by combining chlorine and ethylene and was first created in the 1920s. Vinyl tarps are used as linings and coverings on farms, in residential backyards, in schools and in businesses everywhere. If you have access to vinyl tarps, you can even use them to make some fabulous fun for a children's party. Here are eight ways to make your party unique and memorable with vinyl tarps.

Under Inflatables

Bouncy houses and inflatable slides are commonly rented for modern children's parties. However, the ground beneath them can get pretty messy. Children running around them with no shoes on can create mud and make for a slippery environment. By placing a large vinyl tarp underneath an inflatable you can eliminate this problem and give the children a place to sit down for taking off and putting on shoes. 

Art Projects

Do you need a mess free surface for kids to complete crafts or art projects? A vinyl tarp is the answer. Throw one over a table or just place one on the ground outside. Kids can feel free to get creative when they know they don't have to worry about making a mess. 

Play Pond

Ponds are fun for all kinds of children's activities. Younger children will enjoy splashing in the water, and older kids will enjoy creating boats to see if they can float. 

Make your own backyard pond by digging a shallow half circle in the ground and lining it with a vinyl tarp. Fill it with water, and you have a temporary homemade pond for your party. Of course, permanent ponds can be lined with vinyl tarps as well. 

Water Slide

Vinyl tarps make excellent water slides in warm weather. Spread the tarp out on a hill, place a hose on top to spray water down the slide, and let kids go crazy. This will keep children occupied for hours, and it makes a wonderful birthday party activity. 

Outdoor Movies

Hang a tarp on the side of your house or another building, and use a projector to give kids an outdoor movie night. Add some popcorn, and you have a great party activity. This is also fun for a party that includes a camp out. 

Fashion Show Backdrop

You can give your favorite fashionista the time of her life by creating a fashion show backdrop with a vinyl tarp. Decorate the tarp with glitter and paint, using themes the guest of honor enjoys or using the names of the party guests. Then hang the tarp from the ceiling or on a curtain rod or doorway. Use another tarp on the floor as a runway, or make a runway out of brightly colored tape. After spending some time on makeovers, let guests walk the runway to fun music. 


Vinyl tarps are perfect for creating a temporary maze. Plan your maze on a piece of paper and then hang tarps from the ceiling. This works great in a basement or large activity space. Your maze can be as simple or as complicated as you like. Spray paint large boxes to place in corners and guide guests along. 

Game Board

Use vinyl tarps to make games that are created specifically for the party. For example, you can create a Twister board with colorful tape on a vinyl tarp and personalize it by placing pictures of the guests of honor's face on the circles. Hopscotch is another game that is easy to make using tarps. 

Your kids' party will be the most talked about event this year when you use these creative ideas for vinyl tarps. For more ideas and information, contact a company like Billboard Tarps.