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Vintage Watch Designs And Purchasing Criteria

The pallet wheel, the balance wheel, and the escape wheel are a few critical parts of an escapement. An escapement regulates the release of power. Many vintage watches feature an escapement. Some watch styles did not contain an escapement. These timepieces featured alternate technology.

An Escapement And Upgraded Technology

If you have ever owned a classic watch, you may be familiar with the need to wind this type of timepiece. Without an escapement being inside of a watch, the knob that is used to wind a watch would quickly unwind back to its original position. A watch collector should always inspect the knob and the ticking sound that is produced after winding a watch. If the sound is consistent, a watch is operating properly.

Some watches featured a tuning fork and an electromagnetic coil system. A dry-cell battery would be responsible for supplying power to the coil system. This type of technology resulted in a humming sound being produced from timepieces. Many classic watches that utilized these advanced components did not contain a winding knob.

Vintage Pieces

Steel, gold-plated steel, and gold are some materials that the band and casing of a classic timepiece may be constructed of. A calendar watch is a watch that contains a small window. This window is built into the face of a watch and may display the date and/or the day of the week. Some vintage watches feature a quartz movement. The movement is a piece that ultimately replaced a tuning fork. 


A collector may be interested in owning a piece of history or having possession of a timepiece that was considered a limited edition. Specific face plates designs, band styles, and embellishments on watches are details that a collector may have a particular fondness for. A seller who has good intentions and who has taken care of a vintage watch will supply photographs, a detailed description, and a model number for each watch that they are selling.

A seller that operates from a physical location may display their watches in a case. If someone is serious about purchasing an older timepiece, they may be granted permission to try on some of the watches that are for sale. An online marketplace may compile vintage watch listings that many sellers have prepared. Buying a watch online may require bidding on a timepiece or purchasing one outright.

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