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3 Keys To Creating The Most Impressive Framed Artwork

Perhaps you have picked up a piece of artwork that needs a new frame. Maybe you have created a great painting, sketch, or other work of art and want to display it appropriately. In any case, any piece of art is only as impressive as the frame that the piece gets mounted in. Many people make the mistake of going out and picking up a prefabricated frame and just making it work. However, any good piece of art should be carefully addressed when it comes to custom framing. Here are a few keys to remember as you choose a frame for your piece of art. 

Carefully choose the material for the primary frame. 

The primary frame material can make a huge difference in the overall end look of the piece. You will find quite a few different and unique options when it comes to the material a frame can be made out of. The most inexpensive is acrylic or plastic, which can offer a nice clean look but doesn't have a lot to offer in terms of durability. Metal frames are also an option, which can be created out of everything from soft aluminum to more dense materials like silver or even steel.

Of all framing materials, wood tends to be the most common choice. Naturally, wood can be painted, stained, or even left natural. In general, you will want a frame material that is going to hold up for display purposes and highlight the piece. 

Pick out the most complementary matting option for the artwork. 

Matting is the inner frame that surrounds the artwork beneath the glass. Just as it is with primary frame materials, you have access to a plethora of matting options. The colors, textures, and sizes chosen will all make a huge difference in the end look of the artwork. For example, a light matting paired with a dark frame over a pastel or light-colored painting can really draw out the details of the piece. 

Pick details in the frame's build that add to the artwork. 

Always opt for quality custom framing services when shopping for frames. These companies will give you the broadest range of options, including the specific frame styles. Frames can be carved with ridges, indentions, filigree, and a range of other attractive details. You may prefer to keep the frame style simple so you don't detract from the small details of the artwork.

However, sometimes, you can really highlight the smaller details in a piece by choosing certain frame textures and cuts. For instance, a geometric painting with a lot of clean lines and sharp edges can really shine when paired with a frame that offers those same clean lines and angles.

To learn more, reach out to a local custom framing service.