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How To Get A Fire Extinguisher Inspection

If you run a business, you most likely have a fire extinguisher on hand. You'll also likely need a fire extinguisher inspection. If so, here's how you get one.

Understand Your Local Laws

One of the most important parts of getting a fire extinguisher inspection is understanding the laws and regulations at hand. Fire extinguishers for workplaces are regulated by OSHA, but your state, county, or city may have additional regulations that relate to where the fire extinguisher is made available and how old it is. If you aren't sure what your local regulations are, you may be able to call a local OSHA office or an administrative office for your city. They can tell you what inspections are needed and when or if only the typical OSHA rules apply.

Call An Inspector

Once you know the rules around fire extinguishers and their inspections for your area, you can call someone to inspect it professionally. You should be checking your extinguisher regularly without calling a professional, but the professional inspection will ensure you are compliant with OSHA rules. You can find these professionals by contacting local fire protection companies, who can verify that your fire extinguisher is fit for service. Without professional inspection for the less frequent inspections (rather than the per-month inspections you should be doing yourself), you won't have the tags needed to verify when the fire extinguisher was last inspected, nor will you be OSHA compliant.

Be Prepared

Finally, you should be prepared for your fire extinguisher inspection to go wrong. Fire extinguishers don't last forever, and depending on when you bought the extinguisher, you may be told that it needs to be replaced or repaired. If so, you'll need to call the professional fire inspector you hired in the first place to double-check the new extinguisher, put a tag on it, and complete the inspection. Luckily, neither the inspection nor the fire extinguishers themselves are very expensive, especially in the grand scheme of running a business. You may also be able to recharge the fire extinguisher at your local fire department.

If you run or manage a business, you should not only have a fire extinguisher but also have a fire extinguisher inspection done regularly. This includes monthly, non-professional inspection but also professional inspection by a fire safety company. The inspection may result in you needing to replace or recharge the fire extinguisher, as they can expire. Call a fire safety company to perform your fire extinguisher inspection today.