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Why You Should Consider Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer

Keeping your hands germ-free is the first step to staying healthy. People have no idea how many things they touch every day that is covered with illness-causing germs and bacteria. Washing your hands with soap and water is a very efficient way of removing the germs from your hands, especially if they are dirty or sweaty. However, you don't always have access to soap and water. Fortunately, you can keep a small bottle of and hand sanitizer in your purse, glove box, briefcase, or gym bag. The question is whether you should use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer or an alcohol-free hand sanitizer. Here are a few reasons to go alcohol-free.

No Burn

If you wash your hands frequently throughout the day, the skin may be a bit dry. Dry skin has the tendency to have tiny cracks. An alcohol-based sanitizer will burn when you apply it to these cracks. In addition, it will also cause your skin to become drier.

No Fragrance

If you wear cologne or perfume, you do not need another scent added to your mix. Alcohol-free sanitizer is also fragrance-free, so you will never have to worry about that. No scent is also a benefit if you have allergies to different essential oils or find that your skin is bothered by them. An alcohol-based sanitizer has a scent even if there is no added oil or fragrance. If you do not want to smell like a doctor's office, you should go with alcohol-free sanitizers.

Longer Protection

There are indications that alcohol-free hand sanitizers stay effective on your skin longer than their alcohol-based counterparts. This could be due to the evaporation rate of the alcohol. Once the alcohol has dried, you are no longer protected. The ingredients in alcohol-free sanitizer allow it to continue to kill germs and bacteria for up to six hours after it was applied.

Washing your hands with soap and water is still important. Do not think you can buy bottles of hand sanitizer and ignore regular hygiene. However, it is also a good idea to have sanitizer on hand at all times to remain germ-free. When it comes down to deciding between a product with alcohol as its base and one without alcohol, you need to decide if your skin and nose can handle the alcohol and whether you will need the protection to last or if it is just a quick concern. Of course, you may simply prefer alcohol-free hand sanitizer for your own reasons.

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