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Raising Money To Give The Family Something Special

Being a parent is hard – being a parent on a super-tight budget can feel downright impossible. You want to give your kids the childhood that they'll cherish – family vacations, the popular toys, big birthday parties with all of their friends – all of this costs money. So, when money's short, how can you pull together the cash you need for something special for the family? Here, you'll find a few ideas that can help you get the money that you need to create the memories that you'll cherish.

Sell your Gold

So many people have boxes of old jewelry sitting on a shelf somewhere – some of it might be broken, other pieces just out of style. No matter why you have it tossed in the box, it could be what you need to get the cash for whatever it is that you want.

Gather your gold, go to a gold buyer and see what you're offered for the box of stuff that probably would have sat on that shelf for the next 20 years without you giving it a thought.

Have a Yard Sale

Surely, everyone in the family has some stuff that they no longer want or need – or maybe they'd be happy to donate stuff to the sale because they know that the money is going towards something special for the family.

You might be surprised at just how much money you can pull in from a well-organized yard sale. The key is making everything easy to be seen – keeping everything grouped together in categories. A lot of resellers come to yard sales to pick up loads of inventory to sell on their online stores. These are the buyers you want – a lot of times, they'll make an offer on a bunch of similar items – consider these offers. Even though you'd make more selling things individually, you might end up hauling it all back into the house and making nothing on it.


There's metals everywhere just sitting around waiting for someone to gather them up and haul them in for recycling. If you don't have metal scrap of your own, but you have a truck or trailer that can haul it, post an ad in your local classifieds that you'll haul away scrap free of charge. Then, you take the scrap to the salvage yard and get paid for recycling it.

Your family deserves the something special that you're working towards – and since you've had to work so hard to get it – you'll appreciate it even more.