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Are You Taking Your Family To New York City?

Have you ever been to New York City before? If you have, it's no wonder that you also want your family to experience this magnificent city. If you haven't ever been to The Big Apple, prepare to be totally awed. Maybe you have an itinerary already planned. If that's not the case, from seeing the traditional tourist sites to checking out different city events, here are some ideas that might help you to have the time of your life.

Don't Leave Without Seeing These - Don't even think about leaving New York City until you've seen famous places like The Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty, Wall Street and China Town. Shop and eat at Grand Central Station, and take a walk in Central Park. Take a taxi over the Brooklyn Bridge, just so you can say you were actually on it. 

Visiting the Metropolitan Museum Of Art is worth a trip to New York in itself. In fact, if you have the time, plan on an entire day at The Met. There might be special exhibits that you'll never get to see again. And, you can even buy souvenirs in the gift shop and have meals in The Met's many eateries. 

Visit New York City's incredible art galleries. There are so many in the downtown area that you might have trouble choosing the ones you'll visit. 

On a more serious note, visit the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, too. Take the time to tell your kids about what you were doing when that horrible event took place.

Add The Novelty Of City Events - Some of the city's extras will be very easy to spot. For example, you'll probably see things like mimes, magicians, and jugglers having fun in Central Park while they entertain people who are passing by.

Check the calendar to find out which city events will be going on while you're visiting New York City. You might be lucky enough to see a wonderful dog show or to listen to jazz in a park. Find out where there will be fashion shows. In fact, maybe you'll be in the city during Fashion Week. 

You'll have many choices when it comes to Broadway shows. Whether it's a classic like The Phantom Of The Opera or a more current show like Hamilton, see if your concierge can get you good tickers at great prices. Even if you have to pay full price, the shows will be worth every nickel you spend. 

Check out city events near you.