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Defining "Temporary" When It Comes To Staffing Services

Staffing services have been doing amazing work filling all the empty positions companies have had since the late seventies. From receptionists to nurses, temp agencies have been recruiting quality staffers to aid companies, businesses, hospitals, and clinics. Always the intent is to focus on "temporary," but honestly, how do these agencies define "temporary"? The following will help clarify this for you, both as a consumer of these services and/or as a staffer. 

One Week to One Year

Assignments for temp staffers usually last anywhere from a single week to a year. In cases where a business asks for a fill-in temp for one week, it is because the regular employee in that position is on vacation or needs some emergency time off. To get an assignment that lasts up to one year, the business usually has to renew the contract for a staffer to continue working in various capacities every few months. After a year, a company usually manages to fill all of the openings that this one staffer had been filling during the past year. 

Never Permanent or Semi-Permanent

Staffers are employees of the agency, even though they work for the companies that have contracts with the agencies. The staffers are never considered employees of the companies for which they are contracted to work. Hence, any expectancy of permanent or semi-permanent work is unrealistic on the part of the staffer as well as the company who has the staffer working for them. 

Buying Out a Staffer's Contract

Staffers, when they are hired by an agency, agree to never do any work for any client or consumer of the agency's services. This avoids a conflict in interest on both the part of the agency and the company that has a contract with said agency. However, some temporary service agencies offer "contract buyouts" when a company wants to hire a staffer outright.

The amount that is paid to the agency to release the staffer from his/her contract with the agency and release the company from its contractual obligation to the agency with regards to this particular staffer is often quite expensive. Yet, some companies find that to hire a high-quality staffer as a full-time employee for themselves is well worth the cost of buying out the staffer's contract. In this regard, the staffer is still temporary with regards to the fact that the staffer is, and has been, working temporarily for the agency and is about to become a full-time employee elsewhere. 

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