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Tips For Storing Your Tailgating Gear

If you love to tailgate, whether at professional sports events or just to support your local high school or college team, then chances are you have a lot of supplies to make the event more enjoyable. Keeping these items in your storage unit during the off-season ensures they are safe and not in the way at home, but you need to make sure they are stored correctly so you don't have to replace items when the season starts up again. The following storage tips are just for you.

Tip #1: Keep your grill great

The grill may be considered one of the most important parts of your tailgating kit, since the party usually surrounds this until the game starts. Before packing it away, turn up the heat and burn off the grease and food residue from the last season. Use your grill brush to scrub it down thoroughly and remove any remaining bits of food. After it has cooled, dump out the ashes, if applicable, and then wipe out the inside and outside of the grill. You don't want any food residue, since it can attract pests, and you don't want any moisture left on the grill since this can lead to rust.

Tip #2: Prevent cooler odors

Your cooler can be another problem spot in storage. Start by emptying out the cooler, and then wipe it down with a household cleaner that contains bleach. The bleach will disinfect the surfaces so that you don't have to worry about mold or mildew in storage. If possible, store the cooler with the lid open. If you must close the lid, first make sure the inside is completely dry. Next, place an open box of baking soda inside. The baking soda will absorb any odors so your cooler won't develop a stale smell in storage.

Tip #3: Stow chairs responsibly

Chairs are an important part of the tailgater's experience since you likely don't want to stand on your feet for the whole game. Most outdoor style chairs store well, although you will want to wipe them down. Food spills and skin oils on the chair can attract pests, which can then eat into the canvas or fabric parts of the chairs. Once clean, allow the chairs to dry completely before stowing them storage.

Tip #4: Avoid awning issues

Many tailgaters use an awning or umbrella to provide some shade or protection from the elements during a game. Before storing it for the season, make sure it is wiped clean and allowed to dry. You may also want to treat it with an outdoor spray that is formulated to replenish the UV-protectant and moisture repellent on outdoor fabrics. Check any metal parts for rust or paint damage. If you find any scratches or rust, clean the area with steel wool and then cover the damage with touch-up paint so the rust doesn't spread. Once treated, your awning can be stored safely and you can be assured it is ready to face the next season at the game.

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