How to Manage Moving After Major Life Transitions

What To Expect In A Relocation Package

Landing that new job you've been dreaming about is an exciting time filled with visions of a bright future, but the need to move your family to another part of the country can put a damper on your enthusiasm. Don't let moving worries discourage you. Negotiate for a relocation package instead. Learn more about what a relocation package is and what it typically includes.

What is a relocation package?

A relocation package is one of the perks of accepting a new position that requires you to relocate. It is meant to help you defray many of the costs you incur when you move. Depending on the organization that has hired you, it may include a number of benefits. From the company's perspective, the relocation package insures that you will consider the merits of the new position instead of getting bogged down with the details of moving.

What is included in a relocation package?

Relocation packages differ from organization to organization, but there are some things that nearly all relocation packages offer. Here's a list of the most common items.

  • Moving Costs

  • Temporary Lodging

  • Transportation Costs

  • Spousal/Family Assistance

What are considered moving costs?

In a bare minimum relocation package, moving costs typically include the cost of a moving van or the services of a moving company. You still need to pack your belongings and prepare them for transporting. The movers load the truck, transport your belongings, and then unpack the truck when it arrives at your new home. Some include the services of packers too. In this instance, the employees of the moving or relocation company come to your home and pack your belongings for you. They then load and transport your goods. While some will unpack your belongings for you, most leave that up to you. Other moving costs may include the fee for breaking a lease at your current home or fees related to selling your home.

What temporary lodging is covered?

Typically, this applies to temporary housing at a motel or hotel while you look for a permanent home in the new area. This may include housing for the entire family or it may apply only to the new employee. It often includes the new employee and their spouse so that they can work together to find new housing.

What transportation costs are included?

This section covers toll fees, fuel and related fees you encounter when you drive your vehicle from your old home to the new location. It also includes the cost of transporting additional vehicles or other items that cannot be moved by the moving service. It may include the cost of airline tickets to move the family to your new location.

What is spousal and family assistance?

Spousal assistance ranges from helping your spouse find a new job in the area to paying the expense of transporting your spouse to the new location. It may include child care costs, such as fees owed to a daycare center, or the fees incurred for childcare while you move.

What are some other less common benefits in relocation packages?

Some organizations provide an upfront stipend for you to use for needed expenses as they arise. You are free to spend the money in any way you wish, such as purchasing meals and other necessities. Others provide assistance with school choice, eldercare services or even cultural training, but that all depends on your needs and the area you are moving to. According to a 2015 Relocation Survey by Atlas Vans, 83 percent of organizations also offer real estate related benefits to assist you in locating a new home.

If you have special needs that are not addressed in your relocation package, explain your situation and ask for consideration. While you may not get everything you ask for, if the organization is anxious to retain you, they are likely to make exceptions to meet your needs. Click here to find out more.