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5 Features Of A Successful Vehicle Wrap Design

Wrapping your company's vehicles with a vinyl graphic can increase your exposure to many clients. Vehicle wraps work as a long-term advertising strategy that allows you to target local audiences in a unique and attention-catching way. However, if you decide to design your own vehicle wrap, it is important that you consider how the final product will look once it is printed and applied to your vehicle. To design a successful vehicle wrap, you should pay attention to the following five areas. 

Should Catch People's Attention 

While personal vehicle wraps may be a subtle way to simply change the color of a vehicle or add a few minor decals, advertising wraps should be bold statements that capture the attention of a potential customer and makes them remember your business. When designing, you might try for something humorous and unexpected, as these tend to leave lasting impressions. Also, at the moment, designs that create a 3-dimensional affect around your car are popular and noteworthy to many observers.  

Should Be Easy to Read and Understand 

While you should strive for a design that is not easy to forget, you have to do so in a simple way. You want your car to be readable from a distance and while you or observers are traveling at high speeds. For this reason, it is better to create a large, simple design rather than many smaller, complex designs. Text should be limited and large enough to read from a distance.

While you may choose a design that has a hidden, subtle joke in it, it is important that the joke is simple enough that observers will have the satisfaction of understanding the joke before your car drives away, as this will help associate your business with a feeling of humor and satisfaction. 

Follows All State and Local Laws 

States have different laws about visibility and window tinting, which includes car wrapping. Before you begin designing your wrap, it is important that you know which windows you will be allowed to cover and to what extent. For instance, if you cannot wrap the front window in your state, this needs to be taken into account in your design. 

Additionally, if you do not keep your car parked on your business property overnight but instead take it to a residential area, you should check their rules about advertising. Some neighborhoods may not allow advertisements over a certain size. If this is the case, you will want to design your wrap in a way that adheres to their rules regarding advertising. 

Designed Specifically for the Vehicle that Will Be Wrapped 

While you may be able to order blueprints for your vehicle make and model online, you may want to take your car to a wrapping professional to have them draw up blueprints for your specific vehicle instead. This is because your vehicle may have subtle differences from the factory model that can affect how the final wrap will look when it is placed. Most wrapping professionals can provide you and your designer with an accurate 3-D computer model to try several designs on.  

All Files Have a High Resolution 

When you submit your files to a vinyl studio to create your wrap, it is important to provide them with high resolution files, especially if you are using any photos in your design. This will prevent blurriness that can make your wrap difficult to read. 

If you do not have an in-house designer, you can usually work directly with a shop that offers vinyl wrapping to create a design for your vehicle. You should go into your first meeting with a few ideas and concrete goals for what you hope to achieve and make sure you are fully happy with the design before you agree to having it printed and applied. 

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