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What You Need To Know Before Hiring A House Cleaning Service

Sometimes it's hard to make time to clean your home as often as it's needed. A house cleaning service is a great way to keep your home in order without taking more time out of your day. Don't hire the first house cleaning service you come across on an internet search. Here are some things you need to know before hiring someone.


Insurance is an important reason why you should hire a house cleaning service instead of an independent house cleaner. Respectable house cleaning services have insurance. If you hire someone to come into your home, and they slip and fall on your property, you will be held liable for any injuries that they receive if they are uninsured. Bonding is another important aspect, similar to insurance. If the company is bonded, that means that they will cover the cost of damages if any of your possessions become broken by the cleaning service.

Ask For References

Always ask for references before you hire anyone to come clean your house. You want to know as much about the person as possible before they're being invited into your home and touching your things. If they don't provide references, that's a serious red flag. If they do, make sure you call each and every one of them and ask some important questions, including:

  • How long they used the housecleaning service.
  • If they ever had to make a complaint.
  • If they were happy with the outcome of the work.
  • If they would recommend the service to you.

If the references have any negative things to say about the company, it's important to look into other options before making a decision.

Find Out About Cleaning Products

Some housecleaning services bring everything needed to clean your home, including brooms, mops, and the cleaning products. You need to know what they bring and what they expect you to supply for them. You don't want any confusion when the housecleaners show up to clean your home. If they generally supply cleaning products, but you have allergies or only want natural products used, be sure to request ahead of time that they only use what you supply. The service might even have an option where they can supply regular chemicals or environmentally friendly ones. Some services might even be environmentally friendly only, taking the pressure off of you to have what you them to use handy.

Ask About Guarantees

Find out if their service is guaranteed. You don't want to lose money on a home that doesn't even get cleaned. They might offer money back, or they might offer to have someone else come and redo the job at no cost to you. Either way, knowing you won't pay for a job that doesn't get done properly is important.

Find Out if You Have to Be Home/ At Work

If you work all day, it might not be practical to have to be home when the service is at your house cleaning. However, some companies may require that the homeowner is present for liability reasons. Another issue that could present itself is if you don't work outside the home, or you're nervous about letting them into your home for the first time with no one around, but they prefer to have everyone out of the house so no one is in the way. Make sure there is an understanding about where you will be before they arrive at your home.

Before you hire a housecleaning service, make sure that you are hiring an insured and bonded service with good references. It's important to know who you're letting into your home.

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