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7 Ways To Maximize Your Trade Show Booth's Success

Trade shows provide merchants an excellent way to introduce themselves to potential clients, but keep in mind that there are many businesses competing for the same customers at these events. You've got a short period of time to make the best impression possible -- here are seven ways to do that.

Make it Eye Catching

People are attracted to bright, cheerful colors, so be certain to decorate your booth with plenty of eye-catching hues -- but it's also important to tailor your color scheme to the type of person most likely to  be interested in your product. If you want to convey affordability, for instance, use the color orange liberally. Brown will give provide a sense of dependability, and dark green and burgundy imply traditional concepts and values.

Vary Your Display Options

Make certain that all of your products are adequately represented at your booth. Naturally, you'll want to place your biggest sellers in prominent areas, but keep in mind that secondary products also bring in revenue. If you only have room for several key items, make certain that you've got plenty of comprehensive catalogs to hand out. Make certain that your display is visually appealing by keeping it from being too cluttered, and be sure to straighten it out on an as-needed basis during the course of the show.

Give Something Away

Instead of the same old mouse pad or stress balls that every other booth is handing out for free in the hopes of luring customers in, tailor your giveaway items to the specific types of people who will most likely be purchasing your product. For instance, if you're selling a line of hair and skin care products, small samples will generate more repeat business than a mouse pad. Make your free offering something that is pertinent to your business and represents it well. Another great way to get people interested in your products is to provide promotional coupons to those who visit your booth.

Consider Hiring Professional Booth Hosts

Professional booth attendants are particularly skilled in drawing in and engaging with potential customers in ways that you and your employees may not be. You may be extremely knowledgeable about your product and love to talk about it, and a professional booth host can complement your expertise by answering simple questions about your business and directing those who would like more in-depth information to you or a trusted employee.

Create a Workable Booth Schedule

Whether you decide to go with professional booth attendants and hosts, your own skilled staff, or a combination of both, be sure to create a booth schedule in advance of the show. Keep in mind that long hours can drag on even the most dedicated employees, so try to keep shifts no longer than six hours. Also make certain that staff has the opportunity to take reasonable breaks throughout the course of their shifts.

Offer Live Demonstrations

Live demonstrations are an excellent way to attract interest and allows visitors to your booth to see for themselves exactly what your product can do. If you are selling juicers, for instance, schedule live demonstrations regularly throughout the trade show, and make certain that those in the vicinity are offered liberal tastes of the finished product.

Offer Video Demonstrations

Video demonstrations can work in tandem with live demonstrations to expose your product to as many people as possible. You won't be able to spend all of your time performing live demonstrations, and a good video presentation can fill in the gaps for those times when you're not on center stage. Using a good trade show monitor stand from sites like will make your video demonstration look polished and professional.